Emotional Truth

Why should emotional truth get a free pass?
Sometimes, it’s just an ill-begotten intruder
who resents the universe
and therefore lashes out at everyone
in blind frustration.

More often than not, emotional truth thinks text is stable,
which means it spends a lifetime
reconstructing and polishing bones in the desert
in a vain attempt to unriddle the Grand Mystery
in a few primitive steps,
all the while smiting enemies
who fail to conform to a set of rules
founded upon petty insecurities.

With decorous pretension,
emotional truth will usher you
into its hail-damaged garden
and, in a somber tone, assure you that you’re always welcome,
so long as you don’t stray too far
from the muddy path that leads straight into
a brier patch.

Emotional truth wants you to believe instead of just be.
It can ruin your life if you buy into its drama.
It can ruin everybody’s life.
Don’t let it waste your time.

Photo By: shaunheneghan.wordpress.com