Just Another Copy

I ain’t gonna trip over your hip hop,

I won’t slap your face with my flip flop,

But I think there’re some things we need to discuss.

See, they told me humanity was a sea, but it’s not.

It’s just a lot of rot.

Texting replaces hello, and sexting replaces porno.

We get derailed by our emails.

When I CC you on that BCC I got from Steve,

I’m not passing on anything real.

Just another copy.

We trick ourselves into believing we’re not deceiving anyone,

But barcodes blaze on our backsides and we wear logos with pride.

We sell sex till we make slaves,

Teach girls automation and laundry machinations,

Show boys how to break their toys,

And we wonder where the joy went.

Maybe it’s on YouTube.

‘Cause that’s where we search for one man’s pain to chase the void,

To find tales worthy of tabloid.

On YouTube you can get your lube, you can make your jeers,

And you can live vicarious fears.

You can watch cute cats and fruit bats,

Watch fools and tools pit themselves against gravity’s rules,

And you can laugh till you pee.

And maybe, that’s how we can assure ourselves that really,

This life ain’t so bad.

But when the lights go low,

Can you really breathe slow sleep fully  

Knowing your coats are made by children?

But maybe that’s not your concern.

Maybe, you are one of the thousands of minds plugged into the mindless sea.

Just like me.

Just another copy.