Summary of Chapters 1-5 The Sureness of Horses

Week 1: Chapters 1, and 2 (pages 2-19—18 pages)

–Exiting a plane, Diana Buchanan asks Wade Middleton’s help with a heavy saddle. He throws his back out. Guilt overcomes her conservatism; she drives him home. The next morning his friend Jorge Calderon comes seeking help at work.

–When Diana asks Wade about his interest in poetry he reads her a poem about horses. She’s not free to date, but they agree to meet over coffee.

–Wade and Diana discuss their kids. Wade’s daughter Amelia is a photo major back east at Bard; Diana’s kids, Beth and Robbie, are transferring to local schools. Starting Palo Alto High School, Beth is feeling lost.

Week 2: Chapters 3, 4, and 5 (pages 20-45—26 pages)

–Wade learns that Jorge has messed up with a customer and will be fired. Not only can he not save his friend, he can’t even warn him.

–Diana invites Wade to the ranch where she keeps her horse and introduces him to her friend’s horse, Artemis. Wade bonds with the horse.

–Diana still won’t date Wade, but, after he reads her one of his poems, she agrees to go to a poetry reading with him.