Have I passed the test?

Promised a friend I’d help him move last week,
Showed up early thinking to beat the heat.
Stepped through the door and wedged myself inside,
Saw two cats; the little black ran to hide.

Staring from the hiding place, green eyes just say no
But the big gray puffball rubs my leg hello
Never been a cat person; dogs I understand
Set boundaries early, and they’ll be a friend.

What is it with cats? Why the smug disdain?
Why do they judge before you even know their name?
Gulliver, the gray, thinks I’ve passed his test
He settles in my lap as if he plans to nest.

Moxie, on the other hand, silently stares me down
Waggling my fingers, I try to coax her around.
It’s no use, she won’t deign to be friendly
I withdraw in defeat; those claws are deadly.

Next time I promise to help out a friend,
I think I’ll make sure he’s the canine kind instead.