White Tattoos Are In

Over the past few years, a new style of tattoo has made an appearance in the ink world. Specifically, the artist still creates a shape or design, but instead of using black or various colors to line and fill, he uses all white, creating a white ink tattoo.

White ink tattoos are becoming more popular on a daily basis, yet they exist as a relatively untapped market right now. They provide a less visible tattoo that looks more like a part of your skin than a traditional tattoo. In fact, in many people’s opinion, white ink looks more like a burn or scar than a tattoo.

white-tattoo-flower (1)

This new style also creates a sense of individuality among the people seeking to make a unique statement, as well as a discreet one. Since the white ink looks like it is a part of the skin, the tattoo can be covered up easily. This gives those seeking professional careers more peace of mind, to include people in the military. In all likelihood, this is a market ready to explode.