Any News on Trump’s Taxes?

There are nine—count them, nine—articles on Hillary’s Emails this evening, mostly by Republicans but a surprising number from the disaffected on the left. Since the FBI has found it inappropriate to prosecute her, traditional Democrats tend to call it a witch hunt that has ended with no witch. Still, the mainstream media puts out one article after another on Hillary’s Emails.

But news about Trump’s taxes? Not one single article, mention, or even footnote. No articles saying, without his taxes, America is buying a pig in a poke. “You learn very little from a tax return,” the Donald told Fox News. That seems to be sufficient for the mainstream media to stop asking. According to this Bloomberg article, that’s simply not true: I Saw Trump’s Tax Returns. You Should, Too.

The release of tax returns, done by all Presidential candidates for the last forty years, would lend particularly valuable insight to a candidate who has had no military nor public service. It would substantiate or refute his financial and philanthropic claims. The article, by Timothy L. O’Brien, lists five areas on which light could be shined by the tax forms’ release:

  1. Income–Is he as wealthy as he claims?
  2. Business Activities–How have his ventures really gone?
  3. Charitable Giving–Is he as generous as he claims?
  4. Tax Planning–Does he use offshore accounts and tax havens? and
  5. Transparency and Accountability–Who are his partners? Conflicts?

Could the lack of following this “Trump Taxes” story be further proof that the mainstream media, which everyone claims is all about Hillary’s Coronation, may actually want to stop her any way possible? Without the Email controversy, there appears to be little left in her way.

These problems covering Hillary’s Email are not new–see Longstanding Problems with Clinton’s Email Coverage. The only surprise is that, even with the FBI denying any chargeable offenses, articles about Hillary Emails not only continue, but seem to increase.

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