Remember the hottest day ever—
sweat open-faucet pouring
over your kid head
sweltering & miserable
mouth huffing steam—
when you heard the merry jingle
from the ice-cream truck
fingered $.25 pocket treasures
swallowed hard &
tongue exploding sticky summer satisfied & suddenly—
you never wanted that day to end?

That is your top lip.

Your bottom lip is an open highway—
windows down, radio loaded,
wanderlust amplified

& there’s never been a road trip like this….

I kiss you in a canyon—
chill wind carrying hawks
great furious orb sinking West
blazing mountains—

Thermostat reads,
“It’s 100 degrees,
& we’re 8 years old
& it’s hot August on this rock-candy road
leading everywhere…

I hear that square truck
echo through Aspen Hills.
Your strawberry smile
cradles my lemonade lips


all I taste

is popsicles.


Eating Lead Paint as a Child - Cover

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