The US Represented MUSE-Letter for October 2-October 8

Gary Walker’s review of Nancy McCabe’s new novel Following Disasters

following-disastersAt its heart, literature is about our lives, and some of the most compelling stories are about how life rarely ever turns out the way we think it will. In Nancy McCabe’s new novel Following Disasters, she explores this idea in a coming-of-age tale that takes readers to places they might never expect to go.

Jerome Parent’s “Brangaleewhycare?

celebrity-gossip-magazinesThere’s a lot of ink and electrons being wasted over the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Whose fault is it that people spend so much time on gossip that has nothing to do with their own lives?


Riding the Wave

This week, Eric Stephenson’s poem “Reliquary” explores past remembrances held with questionable certitude.

“Clean Up in the Produce Aisle” by Suzanne M. Calvin-Yim

12563Your sister has Down Syndrome and you’ve been taking care of her since mom passed away. Most of the time, Sydney’s your best friend, but today, you just want to finish grocery shopping with her so that you can get back to work and keep your job. Your patience is thin, and Sydney has other plans, some of which include having a meltdown in the middle of Safeway’s produce section. How do you save the day? Join Sydney and her sister at Safeway to find out. You’ll never look at a banana the same again.

Featured Artist: Sharon Carvell

sharonSharon Carvell’s quest for connection through art has been a lifelong endeavor. As her experiences have multiplied, so has her knowledge, her artistic expertise, and her love for trees. She calls trees “an expression of love.” They are, indeed, ancient almost beyond belief—on this planet for 370 million years while modern humans have existed for only 200,000. While Sharon works in many art mediums, her thought-provoking tree drawings deserve special attention.