The US Represented MUSE-Letter for December 4-December 10, 2016

Habitually Distracted – Sunday, December 4: “Funeral Planning Strategies” – Gary Walker 

churchI’m not especially worried about my funeral turning into an over-the-top, kitschy extravaganza. My wife and I are both notoriously low-key when it comes to our lives, and we usually go out of our way to be inconspicuous. Still, it pays to plan ahead.

Local Time: 12-03-2016 – DeLyn Martineau – “Pioneer Profile: Pearl DeVere”

In this week’s Local Time, DeLyn Martineau features a profile on Pearl DeVere, the mysterious madam of Cripple Creek. No known picture of Pearl exists, but during the late 1800s she ran the most lavish parlor house in town, catering to the very rich. Read about her amazing lifestyle, untimely death and spectacular funeral in “Pioneer Profile: Pearl DeVere.”


“Confessions of a Fashion Failure” – Jerome Parent

swiss_guardsIn the essay “Confessions of a Fashion Failure,” Jerome Parent examines human male fashion and why so many men can’t dress themselves without female help.