The US Represented MUSE-Letter for February 12-February 18, 2017

Habitually Distracted – Sunday, February 12- “Fun with Navy SEALS: or, That’s Seaman Floaty Pants to You, Mister”

In “Fun with Navy SEALS: or, That’s Seaman Floaty Pants to You, Mister” Gary Walker relives the fun of navy boot camp swim training, where he learned such valuable life skills as being able to tread water in place for twenty minutes, using a pair of dungarees as a flotation device, and bravely taking abuse from Navy SEALs. He also considers a perplexing question: Why would a person join the U.S. Navy–an organization known for its affinity for large bodies of water–when he doesn’t know how to swim?

Local Time: February 11 – DeLyn Martineau – “Can Shakespeare Save Lives?”

This week’s Local Time features an article by DeLyn Martineau whose title poses the question, “Can Shakespeare Save Lives?”

She writes, “I have taught many resistant students: gang members, drug dealers, disaffected kids with no direction, shy introverts, you name it. But the one thing I could always use to level the playing field was Shakespeare. You’d think something more in line with The Outsiders or some other gang-themed novel would have done the trick, but nope. It was the Bard.”

Find out why on February 11.