The Problem with Political Obsession

More often than not, political obsession is just an extension of character flaws cloaked in a mantle of patriotic concern. As I mention in another article, if you live to be 82 years old, you have around 30,000 days on Earth. After subtracting the time for obligations like sleeping, eating, working, paying bills, and so on, you only have 12,000 days of free time—from birth. That’s all you get, and the clock is ticking. Yet all too many people waste a disproportionate segment of their lives venting rage and sorrow over the decisions made by a cabal of politicians who live for wealth and power by playing off of their constituents’ hopes and fears. Given this simple reality, how can those same politicians even respect their constituency? They can’t, of course, which makes it especially strange to see a politically obsessed person aping the roles of judge and victim in some aggrieved state of mind loosely tethered to political circumstance. Making informed decisions doesn’t require so much sound and fury. There are better ways to spend the day.

Photo By: American Psychological Association