What If Celebration Community Poem – Colorado Springs

Compiled by Lindsay Deen and Taylor Johnson Ness

This poem was compiled by the community at the 2017 What If Celebration by Poetry Heals. The words were hung upon a garland by those who passed by the booth on their way to the Portal. We’ve taken the words, in order, and compiled a poem, creating complete sentences, and only changing verb tenses or adding needed verbs, prepositions, or articles. Please enjoy.


Friendship tells how
I, Harry, exclaim
“Qui vive” to warlocks in reverie as
Existential dragons, beautiful, listen to puppies’ nice meeps, and
Blow hoshi (stars) into Beowulf’s armor cautiously.

If I wanted brave cadence, gold, ubiquitous caves,
Extravagant and cloudy, would it make charming owls happy?
Or would kitten confidence slow tapioca to socks wishing interdependence?

Inconceivable peace lives nefarious forever!
Sweet serenity concocts “be happy” into
Butterfly biology and calms a melanomic wolf smile into music.
Cat’s magic, for fun, farts faith into sunny creations.

Waldeinsamkeit (is forest loneliness)
If cheeks’ fun kindness and hope
Floats blossoming big smiles into
Love or peace over sparkly rainbows.

Leave Heimlich in star leaf plutonium, Serena.
Love, never give up on anything.
Sweeten peace with divinity.
I am love with connection to adventure.

Apple your silly global vision, nature.
Love good, unique, cool, happy apple-dove-magic.
Quake freckled, Broadway, because
Elated Annabel and Kaitlyn said
“No bullying the tortoise, Superbowl Bunny.”

Smile slowly, Golden Spinner, as
Green music and American flags are freaky cool.
Loudly contemplate memes, for
Animals wind wild, and lively beauty balloons
Cars into butterfly bubbles.

Mar antidisestablishmentarianism.
Nadia loves cats, dogs, Ravenclaws, Olaf, and Charlotte.
The creampuff is amazing and marvelous.
The end.
Curry, though…


Bob mods Gryffindor with
Sam the Butterfly as
Panda eats his mac’n’cheese.

Ice Cream celebrates life, and
Awesome Lucas flew through bubblegum like
Orange loves lions,
Loves Serenity One.

Dogs cat-flip caring respect.
Love, friend, like hot chocolate, bat families,
And Cats full of amazing butter.
Potter at love sunshines happiness while
Discombobulated love liberates horses
In litanies of moon.

Paige’s heart hopes everybody
Finds antboy love in heroic centers.
Thin Luigi’s friends need toads and cats.
Mario and Peach beckoned Toad and Red Toad
To Idolize art and beauty.

Movies with extraordinary villains
Bring happiness and mischievous
Insight for nonchalant love.
Purple pies, kind and shimmering, smile love
To simulcast fritillary.

Love dogs and Yahweh.
Lacey litt love magical to say “Hi”
And antagonize serendipity.
Hope, transparent, flutters hats, speaking
“Oh my” urges into portals of summertime love.

Food is understanding friendship.

Photo By: Huffington Post