Sounds of words unspoken
Words unheard
Words, words, words
Won’t stop dropping pen tops
Won’t stop jumping roadblocks
Won’t stop chucking hard knocks
And I can’t keep calling time fake
I can’t sleep so I stay awake
Thinking second belated
Backwards ratings about past

I’ve got some frustrations.

Let me tip my hat
You got me going
Rolling really swell
Now I’m scaling the cliffs of hell
To preach the good news
Love is your root.
You can pay your dues
But that won’t get you through to the truth.

I guess I have something to prove.
I believe in you.
Whether me or he or she
With whomever you’re going to be
I think time goes backwards for you
And our timelines crossed
And the greatest gift I got was
Guts to put words to it.

I get what I say.
I mean
I receive what I say.
I am using my words to bring
Love into this space
I’m not worried about placement
Or whether you’ve two sleeves
Up your ace

The reality is
I like your face–
Yet your words
Lay waste to me,
And I spend days turning
A phrase like a key
To pick the lock
But you have no doors
Only windows
So I can only look in and see
But never have the full tour.

So I’m calling love back to me
She’s been waiting in your court
And thinking of midnight meetings,
But your lions pride pushes sideways
Against my sides
And I don’t have the stride
To keep up with it.
Your words traced
Fault lines in my face
And now I’m running races
Trying to brace myself
For aftermath impacts

Your voice Is a chord
I’m the guitar
Play a song for me
About Colorado.