We should all take a polygraph test every day
and share our results with the rest of the world,
maybe on Facebook or something,
or we could invent a new online platform
designed for this express purpose
and chaperon a new revolution.

It’s hard to be impeccably honest,
especially about ourselves. All too often,
false memory, insecurity, and ego blur reality,
which means thought and action
degenerate into confabulation and chaos.

Chronic liars do the most damage,
and most of them are beyond help,
due partly to their remarkable success rate.
The pecking order favors them.

Still, a polygraph test for all would be a happy nuisance
that could spell a hopeful future,
at least for the next generation.
Of course, this will never happen for a million reasons,
but we can still dream of the impossible, knowing deep down
that the secret lie will live forever.

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