The Academic Redneck Fitness Challenge: Update 7

Previous Weight Loss (November 28, 2016-January 1, 2018): 25.6 pounds
Weight Loss (January 1-February 5, 2018) 2 pounds
Total Weight Loss (November 28, 2016-February 5, 2018) 27.6 pounds

Well, the weight loss isn’t much to crow about, but at least I’m going in the right direction again. I seem to be pretty lazy and lackadaisical these days. Oh, I’m still doing my regular exercise, but I could be doing a whole lot better on the food side than I am. Moreover, I’m sort of feeling a little burnout, which is dangerous. I want sweets. Not just a small, normal- person slice of pie. Hell no. I want to eat the entire pie factory–bricks, mortar, meringue, and fruit filling. And cookies, too.

But I’ll keep trying.

Next Update: March 5.




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