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They Are Life

You’re going to have me killed tomorrow, and still, you want to know. Oh yes, there are some who believe there is magic in the world. Goddesses and gods supposedly walk among us. People use magic to explain things they don’t know, or can’t understand. You can’t explain what I do. I am no goddess; so it must be magic that I do. And my magic is white as bone,

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Like Dying

I was maybe six. I was playing outside, in the backyard, with my little brother. Dad was at work and Mom was . . . well, wherever she was. Look, she wasn’t a drunk or anything. She was just terribly sad. When I was a teenager, Dad took her to the doctor and she started taking pills and she seemed to do better. I don’t know. It was always hard

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Nothing Beyond This

I held back my breath for a time, but you didn’t. You had been to the very edge of the world. You knew the sound of the wind, low and constant, thrumming against the land, the ice, the sea. You’d seen how the pale gray-green earth disappeared beneath ice and snow, and then how that white arc of land thrust into the slate colored sea. How that arc dwindled towards

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