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Edward Lear – Not Just Nonsense

I thought I’d share some nonsense, but then it turned a bit serious. I’m referring to Edward Lear. In one of my Greenwoman issues I shared a few illustrations from Lear’s 1888 book, Nonsense Botany. I thought I’d share a few more today to give you a fuller look into his nonsense, and then write a little about Lear’s life. From Nonsense Botany: Clever, don’t you agree? The only other thing I

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Green Humor

When you read Fifty Shades of Green to your plants . . . .

Produce Party

    Angus Skillet and Mae Fayne are the sometimes used pennames of mother-daughter team Zora and Sandra Knauf. Zora’s currently a graduate student at Trinity College, Dublin; Sandra’s a writer, publisher, and avid gardener. The two have created both comics and publications together. These comics first appeared in Greenwoman Issues #1 and #2.

Summer Lovers

The affairs began within a week of each other this summer. After twenty-some years of marriage, my husband and I were surprised to find ourselves ensnared by others—he with his wrong-side-of-the-tracks trollop, me with my beautiful Mexican lover. I could not help falling in love with Tulio. His eyes, my God, wonderful espresso eyes that gazed, no, bored, into mine with such romance, such intensity, such devotion. He had it

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Our Green Wasteland: The Great American Lawn

My sister and I ended many summer afternoons in the 1970s green from the knees of our jeans down, sweaty, and reeking of gas and exhaust. As servants of the Great American Lawn, we regularly mowed ours, the elderly Miss Howard’s next door, our grandma’s, and once in a while, our great Aunt Flora’s. It was work that was necessary, and our lawn in particular was well used—the six kids

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Bug Heaven

I was thrilled to learn this summer that my seven-year-old nephew, Sean, is into bugs. You see, I have two daughters who did not inherit my “creepy crawlie things ‘r’ fun” gene. While we’ve shared a few adventures, my girls generally wince at earwigs, shudder at spiders, and, well, they just don’t get me. Sean recently brought over his latest acquisition, a pet slug. “I found it under a rock

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