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By the time she was twenty-two, Harmony had tried nearly every drug that crossed her path. She loved altered consciousness, and drugs were her way of dealing with stress. They were always easy to get, too, and usually nearby. Her friend Belinda’s father was a coke kingpin in Boulder, so sometimes at late-night gatherings, lines of coke would take up the length of Harmony’s six-foot coffee table. Since Harmony’s place

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More Than Just A Sequel: The Empire Strikes Back

Picture the scene: It’s 1980, summer’s approaching, and I’m impatiently awaiting the release of the most anticipated movie sequel of my fifteen years. Everyone knows there’s no way it can top its predecessor, so we’re settling for hoping it’ll at least measure up and remain true to the spirit of the original. Not only would that new installment turn out to be better than I could’ve hoped, it would eventually

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The Vicious Pixies began their last song of the night. Abby Simone prowled from one edge of the stage to the other, lost in the opening notes of an unhinged variant of “A Tisket A Tasket.” The keyboardist played a sparkly sequence of notes on a xylophone while a backup singer ran her fingers across a row of chimes in steady intervals. The drummer worked the brushes, and the bass

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Squirrel Hockey

Those who live in Colorado know how beautiful the scenery is, no matter the season, and the wildlife abounds. As the cities grow, though, they have been encroaching on the habitats of local animals. Deer are common sights in yards of homes near the foothills, and pronghorn are abundant on the plains, whether houses are around or not. It surprises me how domesticated these animals can get around our house,

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The Recurring, Unsettling Dream of Accidental Reenlistment

Most everyone has dreams, some good and some not so much. Every time we drop off to sleep, our hard-worked brains get the chance to screw with us, and who can blame them for exploiting it? The nightmares vary from one person to the next: I’ve known people who routinely dream of being chased by homicidal lunatics, being paralyzed, or reliving childhood trauma, while my wife tells me she has disturbing dreams of driving

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In Roller Derby. . . . a special name for floor burn from fishnet stockings.