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The Full-Blown Spectacle of It All

A few summers ago, I wrote about the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. In case you haven’t noticed, despite the best efforts of good people everywhere, they’re happening again.  Rest assured, though, that things are different this time around, just as they are every time a new marketing campaign launches. If you doubt the differences between the two, consider these three things: That was August, 2016, and this is February, 2018. 

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The Well Rose

Oh Rose thou art well. The invisible worm, Who flew in the night In that howling storm Found sweet forgiveness For your crimson joy, Climbed out and flew away A much happier boy.

Living on the Fringe: The Mysterious Power of Cults

The last few years have been a good time for makers of shows and films about religious cults. Recently, Netflix released a 1994 documentary called Children of God, about an Australian New Age cult called The Family, a group that became famous in the 1990s due to revelations of child abuse, illegal drug therapy, and fraud. The past few years have seen at least two movies and a television series

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And every word returns to the sea of thought, offering nothing new except the action, the sender seeking affirmation before returning to the void.

Happy Birthday, Virginia Woolf

But if one sat down among the rushes and watched the pool—pools have some curious fascination, one knows not what—the red and black letters and the white paper seemed to lie very thinly on the surface, while beneath went on some profound under-water life like the brooding, the ruminating of a mind. Many, many people must have come there alone, from time to time, from age to age, dropping their

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The wind ripples across your back and the sun infuses your depths in gold for as long as the clouds permit on a warm, forgotten morning.