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Heir to Springsteen: Eric Church and the American Psyche

I teach a college course called United States History Since 1945. It’s a fun class because the students and I get to reflect on U.S. social, political, economic, and military history of the last seventy odd years. It’s one of those classes where I can show the hilarious episode of I Love Lucy called “Job Switching,” where Lucy and Ethel find work in a candy factory while Ricky and Fred

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A Full-Tilt Tribute to the 1896 Harmonica

A harmonica? The thing’s only four inches long! All kinds of notes are missing! Harp players have to show up with a briefcase full of different keys, just to play! They’re so tinny and shrill! So why would a serious musician ever choose the harmonica to play music on? Admittedly, this is good question. But a large one. American harmonica has a long and venerable tradition. For now, this means

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Daniel Carlson: Auburn’s Kick-Ass Kicker from Colorado Springs

An Academic Redneck Iron Bowl Preview It’s time for Alabamians to make some serious decisions. No, I don’t mean the Roy Moore thing. I mean the Auburn-Alabama thing. On Saturday, November 25, 2017, the # 1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide takes on the #6-ranked Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl, so fans of both teams face grave choices on game day. Guac or queso? Papa John’s or Pizza Hut? Buffalo Wild

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LADIES SING THE BLUES: A Music Company Production

On a blustery evening not long ago, I found myself witnessing one of the greatest nights of music I have heard in my forty years of playing and following R&B. This concert featured four of the most seasoned, savvy, and inspired vocalists, backed by a cracker-jack quartet, that this listener has ever been privileged to experience. The aforementioned ladies are Lila Mori, Juanita Martin, Erica Brown and Jill Watkins, and

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