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Video: Biography: 2MX2 naturally attracts a diverse crowd of music lovers to enjoy the unique yet harmonious unification between hip hop music and other popular genres. 2MX2 is made up of a couple modern day geeks named Owen Trujillo and Juice E.T Hugo. These musically savvy class clowns and their beat-boxing DJ, DJ R Skwared have one of the most entertaining live shows that hip hop has to offer. 2MX2 often change the paradigm towards

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Gift beyond Measure: Interview with 2MX2

In San Luis, Colorado, I was lucky enough to meet with members of 2MX2, a Colorado hip-hop and rap band. They, accompanied by artists Lolita Castaneda and Ramiro Rskwared Rodriguez, came to the oldest town in Colorado as artist-facilitators to run music workshops for the Move Mountains Program. Their music inspired the youth of San Luis, and 2MX2 members readily shared their talents, knowledge, and passion for their art form with

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