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In Roller Derby. . . . a special name for floor burn from fishnet stockings.

Ten Reasons

I wake With death in my mouth. Before I wash it out, I start with Ten reasons why I cannot take my own life. One–Suicide is selfish, Especially for you. You help so many people. What would they do Without you? Two–Who else Can make Algebra fun? All your students need you. Three–Who would get friends Out in sun Working dirt into green things? You are the only one. Three–if

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Taking Up Space

For a basic (one might suppose       inherently neutral) law of physics, the phrase has nevertheless garnered a lion’s share of unfriendly users       in the low-rent back roads of the vernacular. Many among us, in truth, would far prefer the       virulent lash of a “Bitch!” or a “Bastard!” to being leveled by the contemptuous (and worse,       dismissive) charge of taking up space. How did this bland and

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Define Me

Introduced to the character of men as a child in a swimming pool, excited to learn how to swim, but learning so much more far too soon, as your teenaged hands swam between my legs under the water and the privacy of a kickboard. I was just barely a teen when your claims to love me showed me that love is insults, manipulation, fear. You forced me to shake my

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She Again

She wore the hotel’s logo over her heart She bore the word Frontier over her heart She had the name she gave her over her heart And hated labels She was into self-torture and its subtle tease Spelled that like subtle tease You into understanding that there is such a thing Even if it only exists in me Back to she She is more past tense Speak of her again

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Your voice is too friendly, Your smile too inviting, Your laugh too welcoming. Don’t speak. You’re giving these people the wrong idea. Be silent.   White powder spread across the table, glass bottles scattered on the floor; the loud men filling the room grow more menacing with each snort of cocaine. Such peace for me in his chaotic life when he doesn’t notice me. He reminds me, “Lock the door

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