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By the time she was twenty-two, Harmony had tried nearly every drug that crossed her path. She loved altered consciousness, and drugs were her way of dealing with stress. They were always easy to get, too, and usually nearby. Her friend Belinda’s father was a coke kingpin in Boulder, so sometimes at late-night gatherings, lines of coke would take up the length of Harmony’s six-foot coffee table. Since Harmony’s place

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The Neuromorphic Reckoning

You can read and interpret these words because of electrical brain activity triggered by your eyes. You’re responding to sensory input in order to create meaning from this interaction with my words. I mention this because IBM and DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) have created neuromorphic silicon chips, or silicon neurons, that do something similar by mimicking activity in the cortex of the human brain. In other words, the birth

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That’s not the way it happened, and I have the picture to prove it. It’s just that the picture is in my mind.

Something to the West

Alan finished the last of his smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, turned to Monica, and said, “Let’s take a walk on the beach.” “The open air would be nice,” she said. The waitress arrived with the bill, and Alan said, “Wonderful service. And our compliments to the chef for a superb breakfast.” “And thank you for visiting Cuchulainn’s Pub, sir,” she said. “It’s nice to take care of courteous Americans.

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Above the Trees

Brian Shepard woke from a dream in the still of the night and sat up in bed. He had been standing alone on the top of a hill, pleading for someone to come to him, take him by the hand, and guide him safely down the hill, but he remained alone no matter how much he pleaded, his words lost in the wind. His dreams had intensified now that he

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A Sonnet of Mind and Body

The mind and body don’t always agree On who should control all, or at least most, Of one network. The mind says thought is free, But the body remains a jealous host. Without guidance, the body will just sleep And gorge and fantasize at the expense Of exercise—the stirring of our deep Desires is often only decadence. So, sometimes the mind needs to crack the whip And firmly bend the

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