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AP History, Part III: It’s No Secret, Victoria

←AP History, Part II: Teaching a Real Historical Narrative In my final episode of narrative development in teaching history, I am turning my attention to underwear. Of course, I don’t mean underwear as it is understood today. Today’s underwear, and ladies’ in particular, is used for marketing, as outer wear, and other things. I want to deal with underwear’s original purpose: providing a washable barrier between outer wear and the

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AP History, Part I: Amateur Hour

There is a saying at the military academies that is applicable to the kerfuffle in the Jefferson County School District: “Amateur military analysts argue about weapons and tactics. Professional military argue about logistics.” When adapting the saying to education, we come up with, “Amateur educators argue about books and curriculum. Professional educators argue about instruction.” Don’t misunderstand; it is nice that Jefferson County students are getting a hands-on education about

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