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From the Frontlines: Marijuana Reform Moves Closer for Colorado Springs

Since the Colorado Springs City Council banned retail marijuana sales and the subsequent regulation that would come with it, citizens have been disgruntled, to say the least. When the votes were counted, 4,947 votes were ignored in lieu of political and corporate interests. However, the Springs’ citizenry didn’t stop after their will was ignored by leadership. Instead, the community came together to assert their will. As representatives, our government officials

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Silk Road’s Closure: An Impactful Hit on the Illegal Drug Market

As you have probably already heard, the FBI recently seized and closed down the notorious black market Internet site “Silk Road,” along with its creator, twenty-nine year old Ross Ulbricht. While many law-and-order types gathered together online to applaud the news, others were shocked and disappointed by the government’s actions. Silk Road offered its army of users access to some of the purest, most potent substances currently available to consumers. Over

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Harmony in the Night

By the time she was twenty-two, Harmony had tried nearly every drug that crossed her path. She loved altered consciousness, and drugs also served as a way for her to cope with various stressors in her life. They were always easy to get, too, and usually nearby. Her friend Belinda’s father was a coke kingpin in Boulder, which meant that sometimes at late-night gatherings, lines of coke would take up

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Krokodil: The Price to Pay for Getting High

Krokodil, the new drug to try, will literally have you coming out of your skin. It’s worse than crystal meth, or any other drug being made. Krokodil was first found in 2002 on the streets of Russia, but now it’s being used all over the globe. Government officials have confiscated over 65 million doses, and more than a million addicts have been recruited. When the toxic drug first became popular

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High Schoolers, Drugs, and Community Realities

Ostensibly, my town is composed of two key demographics: cautious and conservative government personnel and their families. Because of its geographical proximity to two separate military posts, plus neighborhood amenities such as middle and high schools and the Jesus Christ Church of Latter-Day Saints, the community presents a reserved attitude that shields it from any public interest. Nevertheless, the activities of our suburban youth tell a different story. Despite the hordes of military and

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Setting Fire to Straw Men

Lindsay Deen continues her discussion regarding the retail cannabis ban in Colorado Springs, CO. She deftly exposes Mayor Bach’s deceptive reasoning. He pushed City Council to opt out of retail cultivation, manufacturing, sales, and testing, and his policies go against the will of the majority. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Visit and share YouTube version of this video. Visit and share Vimeo version of this video. URL

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