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Please Help Our School

Every time I see the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus, I think of my years as a student at J.B. Pennington High School in Blountsville, Alabama. I relate so much to the character Gertrude Lang, an awkward young woman struggling to master clarinet, the most unforgiving instrument in marching or concert band. One wrong placement of teeth on mouthpiece, and out come foul—and fowl—sounds. I played clarinet long before the Aflac

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What Education Really Needs is Industrial Strength Voban

It was my first day of student teaching and I was feeling overwhelmed. I was wearing my only suit, which made me way overdressed and therefore feeling even more out of place. Adding to my discomfort was the fact that my cooperating teacher, as well as two thirds of the school, was out with the flu. And I had no lesson plans. I sat in the teacher chair with about

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Like Hula Hoops or Something

(Special this week to the Academic Redneck: Guest columnist and Pikes Peak Community College student Tina Bopp discusses her efforts to overcome a learning disability. Tina is enrolled in my English Composition I class this semester.) When I first started going to school, it was evident that I had a learning disability called dyslexia. Dyslexia is a group of disorders that makes it harder to interpret words and letters. However,

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Logical Fallacies

This video discusses several logical fallacies that should be understood and avoided.

The Comma: Introductory Elements

This video details how to use commas with introductory elements. It was produced by and is the property of US Represented. Thanks for watching!

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