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Lessons in Action: An Interview with Jesse Wilson

One blustery Colorado morning at the Pikes Perk in Downtown Colorado Springs, I met with Jesse Wilson, actor, artist, human. He’s a man of many talents, many masks, and many roles. His recent TedTalks video focuses on his series for personal empowerment, Lessons from the Stage, and after watching the video, I was intrigued. His passion and surety that the technologies taught to actors could make a difference in average people’s lives

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Joel Salatin (America’s Libertarian Agrarian Intellectual) Reveals His Writing Secrets

As is true for most readers of garden lit, Joel Salatin entered my awareness in 2006 via Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. While I had always been interested in farming and food production, I equated Salatin, a self-described “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic Farmer” with ranching, and so wasn’t compelled, right off, to read his books. After all, I was only an urban gardener who dabbled in growing a few

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Mystery and Motherhood: An Interview with Lindsay Hand

I stood in Lindsay Hand’s downtown art studio, feeling the creaks of the wooden floor beneath my feet and hearing the large building, filled with several art studios and offices, breathe and shift slightly around me. I held a coffee I’d just purchased from the Starbucks down the street and smiled at Lindsay. Her short cropped, brunette hair was curly, and she cleared a space in her daughter’s corner of

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Gift beyond Measure: Interview with 2MX2

In San Luis, Colorado, I was lucky enough to meet with members of 2MX2, a Colorado hip-hop and rap band. They, accompanied by artists Lolita Castaneda and Ramiro Rskwared Rodriguez, came to the oldest town in Colorado as artist-facilitators to run music workshops for the Move Mountains Program. Their music inspired the youth of San Luis, and 2MX2 members readily shared their talents, knowledge, and passion for their art form with

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Interview with John O’Donnell, Founder of the Colorado Springs Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

No matter race, creed, or gender, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday most Americans can get behind. Whether you’re a recovering Catholic, a hearty Protestant, a Buddhist, a Green Beer Lover, or just a spring enthusiast happy that winter is finally (almost) over, the holiday has something for you. In Colorado Springs, we have a time-honored tradition most natives have attended: The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is the way we ring

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Fifty Shades in the Garden—an Interview with Sandra Knauf

Fifty Shades of Green, a book Sandra Knauf published last summer, is a feminist/gardener response to that other book. It’s a wonderfully entertaining anthology of twelve naughty gardening stories with strong female protagonists. The talented authors of these tales hail from across the U.S. and Britain—and most are genuine hands-in-the-dirt gardeners. US Represented caught up with Sandra to find out what inspired Fifty Shades of Green and how the book took

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