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Winning through Non-Participation

When Americans haven’t been happy with a new law or decision, they’ve chosen various methods of protest to bring about changes to them. However, the old ways of bring forth the winds of change are no longer working. We have marches on Washington larger than anything M.L.K., Jr. ever accomplished, and for equally common sense causes, but we are ignored. Some people have been foolish enough to try to use

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The Tanka People: Fish out of Water

Imagine living a life at sea. Not in the romantic way of cruising from island to island in the Caribbean aboard a gleaming vessel, but living aboard a homemade raft, constructed of materials found floating in the water. Imagine being born on such a raft, growing up on it, spending years fishing from it to survive, watching your children be born on it, and then eventually dying on it, all

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Hempcrete: A Different Kind of Building Block

Despite a grand tradition, Portland cement and similar construction materials are increasingly becoming depleted and outdated resources, which means a new way of construction must be improvised. The answer lies in the humble hemp plant, which has been a useful and reliable crop for the production of things such as textiles and rope, for hundreds of years. Now in the Information Age, we’ve developed the ability to produce a diverse

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