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Nuclear Power: The Future Is Bleak

A small desert town simmered lazily in the hot Nevada sun. The once lively line of small shops and diners had become a ghost town, including the tumbleweeds that drifted across the street. The unnerving silence was shattered by the clacking of train tracks as a large self-driving train rolled through the center of the abandoned town. The cargo cars of the train were decorated with the nuclear waste symbol.

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Inaudible Sound: The Medical Misuse

To many people, sound is not considered to play a major part in human behavior. Humans prefer to think that emotions are caused either by an internal soul, or at least a complex system of chemicals and electrical impulses in the brain. Anybody can attest to the power of audible sounds from music, nature or other people to affect behavior and emotion. But, there is an entire world of invisible sound that manages to play

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