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Cowards in the Shadows

The Media, “Deep State” Intelligence, and Donald Trump “I was born for a storm, and a calm does not suit me.” President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) Since the resignation of Michael Flynn as Donald Trump’s director of national security, gleeful media pundits cannot hide their optimism that the administration is in meltdown. “Blood in the water,” a headline from Salon declared. Invoking Howard Baker’s “what did the president  know, and when

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The Mandate for Survival

Human reason operates as an unmatched force in the world. Because of this evolutionary trait, we have dominated the planet, effectively building power structures of governmental proportion to preserve and pass on our genetic data. Our species thrives because we learn, improve, and then learn more. The online community represents a potentially hyperconscious form of human ingenuity, and this creative potential can be harnessed by either the elite or by

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Seeing Red: Modern Strategies of the GOP

THE OLD AND THE NEW Not long ago, the Republican Party stood largely for pragmatic military policy, stable economic measures, and sensible national and international diplomacy. Think of the impressive successes inspired by this political vision, such as when President Reagan pulled the country out of a recession and ended the Cold War. Unfortunately, as most will admit (including honest Republicans), the past decade has seen a deterioration of Grand Old Party values and tactics. Faced with

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When the Tide Goes Way, Way Out

In the last few years, there have been more words written about guns and gun violence in this country than there are bullets being stored up for the Apocalypse. I promise I am not going to wade into the debate about gun control. But as a gun owner, I am worried about where the intransigence of the NRA is taking us. They have had their legislative way for so long

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Mars One: The Project Is Underway

Mars One, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Bas Lansdrop and Arno Wielders, will pioneer a sustainable living alternative for humans on Mars and deliver a reality TV show in the process. Regardless of the outcome, the project will inspire a number of advancements in environmental and transportation areas. Lansdrop and Wielders will bring about this project in three stages that will take place over the next 10 years: crew selection, preparation, and execution.

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