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Western Cape, South Africa: by Annaliese Allen

Assorted Works

Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle, a throwback to the Middle Ages and a testament to human endurance, sprawls in unapologetic splendor across an expanse of gradually sloping terrain. Every stone and every inch of mortar seem to have been hurled into a conflation of ordered chaos on a massive scale by a man who has never once used a blueprint or floor plan, only his sheer force of will and self-described “God-given genius.”

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This is one of the last sights I laid eyes on at Hearst Castle. It is just one of a few indoor pools on the property, part of a series of pools connected by tunneled channel-like waterways. Standing there, marveling at the expert craftsmanship of the people who laid the millions of tiny tiles that form the hundreds of mosaics below and above water, is something I will never forget.

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Lone Terrace Farmer

Taken from the fantastic staircase that leads to the mountaintop village of Longji, China, this photo depicts a lone rice farmer tending epic terraces. I stopped to snap the picture, and my traveling companions continued onward without me. Alone, I honored his toils by capturing the image, and alone, he tended the plants.

Blue Claw

I took this photograph at Chapman Dam State Park in the Allegheny Forest. When looking for subject matter to photograph, I am drawn to the small things that many times go unnoticed. This area of the spillway isn’t very eye catching at first glance, but beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places. The broken concrete is interspersed with rouge wildflowers and the remains of many a meal

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