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Winning through Non-Participation

When Americans haven’t been happy with a new law or decision, they’ve chosen various methods of protest to bring about changes to them. However, the old ways of bring forth the winds of change are no longer working. We have marches on Washington larger than anything M.L.K., Jr. ever accomplished, and for equally common sense causes, but we are ignored. Some people have been foolish enough to try to use

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Shiplap, Lots of Shiplap: On Politics, Comedy, and HGTV

A few months ago, talented, cherubic-faced comedian Tina Fey treated college-educated women like me to yet another celebrity lecture on voting for Trump. Speaking about reproductive rights at an ACLU event, Fey said, “A lot of [the 2016] election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would maybe like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV…and I would want to urge them, you can’t look

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Lazy Arguments: On Right-Wing Media Bashing

Many of the political disagreements I’ve had with staunch progressive friends end with their telling me I “shouldn’t watch so much Fox News.” Whatever the political topic, I can usually expect this precise dismissal. Apparently, no other explanation than, “You are wrong because… Fox News” is necessary. My other conservative friends and colleagues report similar interactions and the identical “you shouldn’t watch so much Fox News” retorts. The implication is

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America’s Rights

The only thing as bad as the naïve, self-promoting bureaucratic, self-pitying, excuse-making, manipulative, overly idealistic, pretentious, system-sucking Democrat is the self-righteous, birth-entitled, Christian “Right,” “everyone-has-a-choice” preaching, bean-counting, in-denial-of-their social advantage, and blind to how the other half must live Republican. The only thing as great as the forward thinking, solution focused, empathetic, compassionate, self-sacrificing, social-class sensitive, conscientious, environmentally aware, at once pragmatic and idealistic, strong yet humble public serving Republican

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In Response to Jerome Parent

In his critique of my article “Cowards in the Shadows,” Jerome Parent charges that I have used various “rhetorical tricks known as logical fallacies…instead of just relying on the facts” in my argument. He contends I have used ad hominem, broad generalizations, and emotional language to support my position. I wish to respond. As a composition teacher, Parent surely understands that effective written argument in forums such as this utilizes

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Bankruptcy, the American Way

It’s time for Americans to get serious and ask themselves why the United States government consistently spends far more than it makes. This fiscal policy has placed our country in terrible jeopardy. In 2010, for instance, the U.S. government spent $3.5 trillion yet only took in around $2.16 trillion in total revenue. This means a difference of $1.34 trillion was added to the deficit. A rational individual would not handle his bank account in this fashion. In order to

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