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Additive Manufacturing Is Printing Your Future

According to Star Trek, which takes place in the 24th Century, computers stored with thousands of different blueprints, recipes, and instructions can use that data to materialize food, tools, machine parts, clothing, and many other goods seemingly out of nothing. Here’s the exciting news: replicators have already arrived well before Star Trek predicted, and this technology has wooed as many different industries as Captain Kirk has wooed alien women. Additive manufacturing, more popularly referred to

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Wealth Beyond the Horizon: The Coming Asteroid Mining Boom

Humanity’s drive to explore, to branch out and extend our reach and our grasp over the natural environment, has been with us since before we were technically human. Early hominids crafted new technologies to improve their lives and expand their power. Many adventurous souls set out to explore beyond the horizon, simply because it beckoned. Following these pathfinders were those with more practical motives. They sought new resources, free land,

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Guessing the Fate of the Cosmos

The hope that humanity will one day expand beyond its solar system, drift in space on self-supporting vessels, and explore other planets is almost universal. The theme occupies a central place in science fiction. We know that one day the earth will be consumed by the sun as the latter becomes a red giant. And so a vague if cautious optimism is maintained about science’s ability to help us escape

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It’s Time to Take UFO Research Seriously

It’s hard to maintain credibility in a field where evidence is rarely concrete. Generally, those who believe in aliens are typically equated with conspiracy theorists because of the cover up conspiracy that infiltrates many encounter stories. Quite a few pragmatic thinkers link conspiracy theories to paranoia. As a result, they see UFO researchers as misguided at best and mentally ill at worst. Unfortunately, true scientific discourse on the unexplained does

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Mars One: The Project Is Underway

Mars One, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Bas Lansdrop and Arno Wielders, will pioneer a sustainable living alternative for humans on Mars and deliver a reality TV show in the process. Regardless of the outcome, the project will inspire a number of advancements in environmental and transportation areas. Lansdrop and Wielders will bring about this project in three stages that will take place over the next 10 years: crew selection, preparation, and execution.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mars

The ultimate television reality show is coming soon, and even if you hate reality TV, you will watch. You might not tune in for all of it, but you will watch. The show, yet to be named, will be a product of Mars One. This privately funded project is a one-way trip to the Red Planet that over 200,000 people volunteered to be a part of. The first cut, down

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