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Death By Bureaucracy

(A Found Poem) Dear Applicant: Please provide the requested information so this office can make a Medicaid eligibility determination for the above claimant currently confined to a skilled nursing home facility. If the requested information is not received within twenty (20) days, the claimant’s Medicaid eligibility will be denied or… Terminated.

America’s Rights

The only thing as bad as the naïve, self-promoting bureaucratic, self-pitying, excuse-making, manipulative, overly idealistic, pretentious, system-sucking Democrat is the self-righteous, birth-entitled, Christian “Right,” “everyone-has-a-choice” preaching, bean-counting, in-denial-of-their social advantage, and blind to how the other half must live Republican. The only thing as great as the forward thinking, solution focused, empathetic, compassionate, self-sacrificing, social-class sensitive, conscientious, environmentally aware, at once pragmatic and idealistic, strong yet humble public serving Republican

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