Reminds Me of You: A Poem By Hudson Hintze

(Special this week to the Academic Redneck: A poem written by Pikes Peak Community College student Hudson Hintze. Over the last several weeks, I filled in for my colleague, Larry Giddings, in his Introduction to Literature class. The students and I covered the poetry unit, and I encouraged them to share their creative writing with me for publication in my column. Hudson, one of Larry’s students, sent me this poem. In addition to taking classes at PPCC, Hudson is completing his senior year in high school. He plans to continue his studies in Film and Cinematography at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He loves to produce and edit movies and short films. He also runs his own YouTube channel called Hudson Hintze where he posts his work.  In addition, he also enjoys tennis, hanging out with friends, reading and volunteering in the children’s ministry at his church.

Here is the link to Hudson’s Youtube channel. Check it out!

Reminds Me of You

I rest my clothes where you used to put your shoes
And I rest my feet where you used to always choose
I tell everyone who asks that I’m doing alright
Even though I think they all know I can’t sleep at night.

I let the chores undo themselves
“They’ll get done later” I always tell myself
But soon I run out of any fresh spoons
And resort to using the ones we dirtied that afternoon.

We cooked and we cleaned we made it so fun
Now all the dishes do is get baked in the sun
I sit and remember the heart-sequined dress
I spent all my money because I knew it was the best.

But you left it here, it reminds you too much of me
I honestly can’t sell it now, or later, but we’ll see
Because I can sell the clothes I can burn the old chair
But that doesn’t change the fact that you will never be here.