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The Well Rose

Oh Rose thou art well. The invisible worm, Who flew in the night In that howling storm Found sweet forgiveness For your crimson joy, Climbed out and flew away A much happier boy.


The wind ripples across your back and the sun infuses your depths in gold for as long as the clouds permit on a warm, forgotten morning.


a particle of truth endured          in my sea of fiction                  somehow it called to you      and you heard identification demands recognition the most fundamental of forces       refuses to be denied unencumbered by fear we dance    on our own frequency in a universe that knows no time *** Both an eternal student and

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Butterflies Divebomb

Butterflies dive bomb my windshield in fall Like they know the end is coming And don’t want to die, Wings frozen in mid-beat. Instead, they want the heat And final crash Into an invisible barrier That just hinted sunflare. I agree with butterflies. Life is a hurricane whirlwind Grinding my mind into mincemeat And I would rather go down In one first blaze of glory Than die alone in bed

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We should all take a polygraph test every day and share our results with the rest of the world, maybe on Facebook or something, or we could invent a new online platform designed for this express purpose and chaperon a new revolution. It’s hard to be impeccably honest, especially about ourselves. All too often, false memory, insecurity, and ego blur reality, which means thought and action degenerate into confabulation and

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Celtic Queen

I Am descended from Bohemian Queens who practiced Sacred Tree Rituals beneath blood moons in forested cathedrals. I come from the same Stock as the Woman-made-warrior who walked With archangels and Demanded Battle’s end. Yes. I Am she, a Banshee Who moves tongue To typeset the silence that Steals souls in Cities of damned men. They Preach perfection while professing feminism and pounding Fists against our hearts Gouging eyes with

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