Hurricane Irma, From a Distance

You look so awesome from this
angle, the cosmic one our local
meteorologists, always eager to
be the first to send us news of
imminent devastation, have helpfully
digitized and rendered ceaselessly
uploadable. Did the satellite shutter-
bug catch you at your best? Would
you have preferred just one more
quick take, maybe to tweak that
stray stratus just escaping your
otherwise tightly wound coiffure
or to alter your catapultingly
eastern direction a smidge
to showcase the exquisite train
of sea foam and scything wind
you’re just now whisking up?  
Those tiny suggestions of
other-than-ocean you’re
nudging up against look
like the fragile fingers of a
helpless old dowager,
emerald and jade spilling
across their crooked,
beseeching ends.

If we peer long enough
down this surreal upside-down
scope of sky-cam, we might
swear those Floridian fingers
are pointing straight into your
ghost-white center where
your lidless, holy eye is just
about to blink.

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