The US Represented MUSE-Letter for October 9-October 15

Sunday, October 9: Habitually Distracted – “Teachers and Doers, or: Those Who Can Do May Also Do Teaching” – Gary Walker

teacherYou’ve probably heard the old saying about teachers not being competent enough to actually do the thing they’re teaching. Though in some instances it may be true—as is the case with many clichés—I often wonder about the folks who offer up this nugget of wisdom. I have to ask, do they have a karmic score to settle? Did they live through a terrifying formative life event with a cruel teacher?

Local Time- “Advice for Adjuncts” – DeLyn Martineau

In this week’s Local Time, DeLyn Martineau offers advice to adjunct instructors. Those new to part-time work at the college level face challenges that those in other professions don’t. Things like: “Be prepared. You’ll likely not know what technology and supplies are in the room to which you have been assigned, so pack your own mini-office.”


Featured Artist: Christopher Ryan Parent Photography

mountainChristopher Ryan Parent is a native of Woodland Park, Colorado. After high school graduation, he entered the U.S. Navy’s nuclear power school where he graduated at the top of his class and was retained as an instructor for two years. He then spent four years as chief electrician on the attack submarine USS Columbia while it patrolled the Pacific.

hong-kongHe left the Navy after eight years to become a wire line engineer for Schlumberger, the world’s largest provider of oil field services. Besides spending time with his wife, he enjoys music, photography, shooting, reading, and their two cats. He currently lives in Firestone, Colorado.

Tuesday, October 11: “Who Needs Oxygen?” – Jerome Parent


Jerome Parent gives an example of creative discipline for kids. His point is that parents should try to actually pay attention to what children really need in the moment of their misbehavior.