The US Represented MUSE-Letter for January 15-January 21, 2017

Gary Walker –  Habitually Distracted – “Southern in Spirit”

What makes a story Southern? For that matter, what really ties any piece of writing to a place on the map? All too often, unfortunately, it comes down to the use of widely accepted and expected stereotypes. In “Southern in Spirit,” Gary Walker recalls how a recent story rejection helped reaffirm his idea of identity and the dangers of relying on cultural cliché in writing. 


Local Time – DeLyn Martineau – “Gem of the Desert: San Xavier del Bac Mission”

Mission San Xavier del Bac was founded in 1692. Construction of the church began in 1783. Artisans from the local area of Bac as well as artists from Mexico worked to complete the building in 1797. The Mission still holds a regular mass schedule, and guided tours are available. Ongoing renovations keep the integrity, beauty, and wonder of this sacred space.

“At My Father’s Table” – Jerome Parent

In the essay “At My Father’s Table,” Jerome Parent reflects on how family meal time can build bridges that last a lifetime or walls that never come down.