The US Represented MUSE-Letter for January 29-February 4, 2017

Habitually Distracted – Sunday, January 29: “The Reasonably Sane Person’s Guide to Surviving Social Media” – Gary Walker

Unfortunately, social media venues like Facebook and Twitter have become perfect platforms for folks to scream at each other like sugar-loaded kindergartners. What if you don’t want to scream, be screamed at, or listen to people scream at each other? Do you need to delete all your social media accounts and take up a mellow hobby like Sudoku? Well, possibly, but you may have other options.

Local Time: January 28 – DeLyn Martineau – Pioneer Profiles: Charles Fox Gardiner

Dr. Charles Fox Gardiner was a pioneer in the treatment of tuberculosis in the Pikes Peak Region. Gardiner traveled all over the Front Range practicing medicine for all kinds of illnesses, but he is best known for developing the Gardiner Tent, a small octagon-shaped building intended to isolate tuberculosis patients. Many of his treatments are still in use today.

“Racism Today, Racism Tomorrow, Racism Forever” – Jerome Parent: January 31

Why do white people say stupid things when it comes to racial issues? Find some possible answers in Jerome Parent’s essay, “Racism Today, Racism Tomorrow, Racism Forever.”