Ten Reasons to Support Live Local Music

Many studies have shown how music makes people smarter, but did you know that supporting live local music has many more benefits than just increasing your brain power? Colorado Springs has a thriving music scene, and many burgeoning as well as seasoned musicians love getting out there to show off their talents in front of a live audience. Here are ten reasons to get out there and see them:

  1. It develops community support and unity. Live concerts give people a reason to be social, and can be great conversation starters. The best promotion of unknown local bands is by word of mouth. Live music at outdoor events bonds local people together with a shared experience.
  2. It supports local businesses.Live music is a great draw to local events, from which other businesses benefit from increased foot traffic and product exposure. Some events also feature kiosks or tents where local businesses can display and vend products and services. Local venues are beginning to realize the draw that a talented local band can bring to their establishment.
  3. It helps develop young musicians. Most people who take band in high school quit after they graduate. This is a travesty, because many talented musicians fall by the wayside as a result. However, if there is more demand, more opportunities will arise, and fewer musicians will abandon their craft.
  4. It helps schools see the value of music education.Numerous studies have shown that playing music leads to better critical thinking and problem solving, but because of budget constraints, schools axe the music program first when money is tight. If live music is more prevalent, school administrators may not be so quick to dismiss these programs.
  5. It gives you something to do on the weekend.You might be surprised how many local clubs, restaurants, and small venues offer weekly, and even nightly, live music. There’s something for everyone. It also supports local musicians whose band may be their sole source of income.
  6. It’s a great date night activity.What is more romantic than a live classical music performance? Plus, you’ll have something to talk about with your date over coffee afterward.
  7. It gives unpaid musicians a reason to play. Many cities have non-profit groups that feature different combinations of vocal and instrumental group performances. These donation-based enterprises are a great way to expose your kids to music in a family-friendly way. Also, you’d be giving talented musicians a reason to keep playing music.
  8. It helps you discover new venues and genres.You never know what you might enjoy unless you try it. Check your local paper’s Events section to see who’s playing. Most papers divide their music section by genre or location, so chances are you will find something you like that’s close to home.
  9. It’s cheap.Non-profit concerts are donation-based, so you can give what you can afford. Some concerts are sponsored by a donation center or food bank, so admission is the cost of a donated item. Local live music is usually much cheaper, and sometimes better, than a more famous alternative, and philharmonic or chamber orchestra concerts can usually be bought by the season for less than the cost of a Netflix account.
  10. It attracts tourism.Local bands thrive on building a reputation, which can draw an audience from neighboring cities. Tourists looking for a night out may spend more money in a place with good live music. Cities like Austin and Nashville are built on a combination of tourism and live music.


Darcy Bio PicDarcy Martineau is a North Dakota transplant to Colorado Springs, but after living there most of his life, he is more native than foreigner. A sound engineer for his own company, Buddha Boys Audio, Darcy has spent the last 12 years providing sound reinforcement to live concerts at both indoor and outdoor venues. As a classically trained bassist Darcy knows the music scene from both sides of the sound board, and he has many connections throughout the area and all over the country. He enjoys almost all genres of music and spends his spare time, when there is any, enjoying classic sci-fi literature, playing Words With Friends, watching movies, and spoiling his two black cats, Cassie and Orion.