Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 35

Theodore had not been formally charged, yet. Under the advice of his attorney, he had left the police station to go outside with Langston Void alone, to talk. They sat in the back of his limousine. Theodore couldn’t remember when he had been more exhausted; it took all his willpower just to hold it together. When will this nightmare end? he thought. I just want to get back; to Zera, to home.

“I’m sorry about your mother,” said Langston. “I really am.”

The expression on Langston’s face said he wasn’t lying; in fact, Theodore was shocked to see how upset he looked.

Langston continued, “I’m sorry, but we’ve got to make some decisions about what’s going to happen now. The media’s all over this and they’re going to want answers.”

“We tell them the truth,” said Theodore.

“I can’t do that. There’s too much at stake.”

“Yes, I agree, there is too much at stake. That’s why we’re telling them the truth!”

“You don’t get it,” Langston said. “I can’t let it end like this. I won’t.” Langston’s voice grew quiet. “I do care about your future, regardless of what’s happened, but I won’t lose everything I’ve worked for. You have to come back to the company.”

Theodore couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Are you insane? Did you not experience what I did last night? Those . . . those green gods, whatever they were? You don’t know what you’re messing with Langston. I know I don’t either, but I have some idea now!”

Langston shrugged. “The Green Guerillas had some kind of knock-out gas. I’m pretty sure we were all under the influence of some kind of hallucinogenic substance last night — probably something they drugged you with when they kidnapped you.”

Theodore shook his head. “You’re crazy.”

“Maybe. But I can’t let this happen. You have to listen to me. If you come back, I’ll make sure Lily doesn’t go to jail, that none of them go to jail when they are caught, and I promise you they will be caught. But if you don’t, if you go against me . . .” He swallowed hard. “You could lose custody of your niece and go to prison. Then what will happen to Zera?”

Theodore stared at him.

“You must decide now. I took you to your mother last night, and then I had to have you arrested. You see that, don’t you? I have control here.”

After all this? This is what it comes to? For an instant Theodore thought about what his mother would want, what she’d do, and he knew that she would certainly tell Langston Void to shove it right up his . . . But before that thought was complete, another came: She made a mess out of things too, in her life. I can’t make her mistakes. I can’t leave Zera. I’m all she has now.

Theodore stared into Langston’s already-triumphant green eyes.

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