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Squirrel Hockey

Those who live in Colorado know how beautiful the scenery is, no matter the season, and the wildlife abounds. As the cities grow, though, they have been encroaching on the habitats of local animals. Deer are common sights in yards of homes near the foothills, and pronghorn are abundant on the plains, whether houses are around or not. It surprises me how domesticated these animals can get around our house,

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In Roller Derby. . . . a special name for floor burn from fishnet stockings.

NORAD: Off the Beaten Path, but an Intriguing Colorado Feature

For decades, the simple words “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” have greeted millions of visitors, and for good reason. Colorado really is a colorful place, with snow-capped purple mountains, red sandstone spires, green forests, and rolling, golden prairies. Still, there’s nothing wrong with avoiding the tourist-trap locales you would expect to find in a travel brochure in search of places off the beaten path. Some of these spots are internationally famous

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Buppy and Benny: In Memoriam

The day of your cancer surgery Buppy Puppy went missing. Her name no longer age-appropriate for a tired old girl of 15, the days of frolicking with you on the farm were over. Uncle Harold looked all over, then declared she probably crawled under the river bluff and died, not wanting to cause a fuss while you were sick. Six years later, after Mother’s stroke, when your cancer returned, we

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Ten Reasons to Study Your Dreams

In Book 19 of The Odyssey, Penelope recounts to a disguised Odysseus her dream of a great eagle swooping out of the sky and killing twenty geese she tends to, which leaves her brokenhearted. The eagle tells her to be happy since he symbolizes the husband who will wreak vengeance on her suitors. Whether Homer intended this dream to demonstrate the power of prophecy, a complex psychological statement regarding Penelope’s

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How Queer Is Your Family?

Two lesbians walked into a bar. They ordered drinks and gazed at the bartender intently, with a “let’s make babies” kind of look, a look my brother rarely got from women at a gay bar, but especially not from a lesbian couple. Something queer was going on. These women had sought my brother out. After spending far too much money on failed attempts from a sperm bank, they decided to

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