The US Represented Weekly Update

apollo 11Hi USR members and guests,

We have had a productive week. We added a timeless reflection from James Baldwin’s “The Creative Process.” In it, he addresses the issue of needing to find different strategies for approaching long-held assumptions when traditions change or fade away. In “PB Waves, Eric Stephenson discusses the different public and private lives of a Pacific Beach surfer. “Cultivating the Garden” is a passage from Voltaire’s Candide that puts forth a realistic, manageable, and practical approach to life, and in “Significance,” US Represented contributor, editor, and website designer Lindsay Deen suggests the need to overcome complacency and self-importance in the quest for visionary cultural unity. Amie Sharp’s A Geography of Night” is a gorgeous rendering of a meteor shower, and Alan Bean discusses his appreciation for Earth’s majesty in “on Returning to Earth after the Apollo 12 Mission.” Finally, Emma Arnold’s memoir “Maria Cornelia Arnold” underscores the devastating effects of depression, suicide, and false or incorrect accusations in the public arena.

The USR Staff