US Represented Needs Your Help

Dear readers,

US Represented needs your help in making our new crowdfunding campaign a success. Our goal is to raise $75,000 by December 20th, 2015 to pay for operating costs, new staff positions, web design upgrades, and the creation of mirror sites throughout the country that will link to the main site. With your help, we will transcend our current financial limitations in order to serve you better.

As many of you know, we publish political, historical, and scientific essays, travel and nature articles, and memoirs. Our writers also share smart, stylish short stories, serialized novels, and poetry. We address environmental and sustainability issues as well. Of equal importance, US Represented features an art gallery and a music section.

However, we are quickly outgrowing our chosen platform. Many of our guests access our content on a phone or tablet, so we need to explore new applications in order to meet the needs of our audience. Until now, the site has been funded solely through donations from our staff, and costs continue to increase. Your financial support of US Represented will allow us to grow naturally instead of being constrained by our limited budget.

Just click on the following link to visit our campaign website:

We think you’ll find our campaign approach transparent, thorough, and pleasantly interactive. Please enjoy the video we made for you, and note that every donation matters because you matter. The money you invest will allow us to give you a more polished and well-rounded production. We offer great perks for larger contributions, but even donations of $1, $2, or $5 will help considerably. Your financial support will show that you believe in us and want to play a role in our evolution.

You can also help by telling others about US Represented. Feel free to share our content with your friends on your favorite social media sites. With your assistance, we can work together to give voice to a larger creative community.

Eric Stephenson
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, and Writer
US Represented