Such a Cat

He’s just a little gray cat
Old now and more careful, gentler than before
But late at night he climbs into my ordinary lap
And settles in with confidence
Knowing me as he does
Knowing how much he is wanted.
His chin and belly are white
And when I rub the bridge of his nose
And scratch his chin
He stretches out his neck
And curls his paw over my wrist
With the claws in
And his bliss is so seamless
His eyes close
And his purr is so soft
I have to curl down to hear it with my ears
But it travels through my body like thunder,
Opening my heart like music
Melting me into warmth as
My eyes close and
My breath slows and
There on the kitchen rug
We disappear like shadows in the night
And I feel so lucky to be chosen,
To be loved by such a cat.