I Dreamt Last Night

I dreamt last night
green arms of grass rose-up
and overtook the city.
They call this
wilderness sprawl.

I dreamt last night
animals of all kinds
two by two
stole into the cities
and marched the humans
back to secret dens
to rehabilitate them in the
ways of Earth.
They call this
humanitarian aid.

I dreamt last night
the stars and planets
took to heart the sight of
pollution, stench, and chaos
wafting up from Earth
and pledged to send
healing light and
extraterrestrial guidance.
They call this
celestial salvation.

I dreamt last night
the plants, animals, humans
stars and planets all conspired
to fulfill the dream of Earth
and with the swirling energies
of the Universe
they resounded the heavens with
song & dance, mutual growth & joy.
We call this
reign of peace.

~ Robin Izer

Robin Izer USR 2

Photo by Charlie Coon

Robin Izer is a poet and Earth sustainability activist.  Her second collection of poetry is entitled Visions of New Being: Meditations & Poems.  20% of the sale of each book is donated to one of the following Earth sustainability non-profits: 350Colorado, Natural Resources Defense Council, or Earth Guardians-Youth for Global Sustainability.  Thus far, sales of Visions of New Being has raised over $600 in donations to these organizations.

Photo By: Naty Sweet