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White Tattoos Are In

Over the past few years, a new style of tattoo has made an appearance in the ink world. Specifically, the artist still creates a shape or design, but instead of using black or various colors to line and fill, he uses all white, creating a white ink tattoo. White ink tattoos are becoming more popular on a daily basis, yet they exist as a relatively untapped market right now. They

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The Rules of Engagement for Professional Musicians

The general characteristics of some professions never seem to change much, but the specifics can mutate as dramatically as a werewolf under a full moon. Take the music industry. A recent study by BearShare shows that for every $1,000 earned, a musician takes home a paltry $23.40 in pocket change. All sorts of people take a cut of a musician’s performance in this choreographed rip-off. Record labels take a staggering 63% of the profits, for instance. In fact, musicians earn

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