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Lessons in Action: An Interview with Jesse Wilson

One blustery Colorado morning at the Pikes Perk in Downtown Colorado Springs, I met with Jesse Wilson, actor, artist, human. He’s a man of many talents, many masks, and many roles. His recent TedTalks video focuses on his series for personal empowerment, Lessons from the Stage, and after watching the video, I was intrigued. His passion and surety that the technologies taught to actors could make a difference in average people’s lives

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Team Rubicon: Harvey and Irma Meet Their Match

Almost two years ago, I wrote an article about Team Rubicon, a disaster-relief group made up primarily of veterans. Now, seven years after its inception, Team Rubicon is facing its largest challenges yet: hurricanes Harvey and Irma, with Jose not far behind. Disaster relief is needed in America now more than ever, and Team Rubicon has expanded its base, its outreach programs, its partnerships, and its ways to help almost

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Joel Salatin (America’s Libertarian Agrarian Intellectual) Reveals His Writing Secrets

As is true for most readers of garden lit, Joel Salatin entered my awareness in 2006 via Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. While I had always been interested in farming and food production, I equated Salatin, a self-described “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic Farmer” with ranching, and so wasn’t compelled, right off, to read his books. After all, I was only an urban gardener who dabbled in growing a few

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Mystery and Motherhood: An Interview with Lindsay Hand

I stood in Lindsay Hand’s downtown art studio, feeling the creaks of the wooden floor beneath my feet and hearing the large building, filled with several art studios and offices, breathe and shift slightly around me. I held a coffee I’d just purchased from the Starbucks down the street and smiled at Lindsay. Her short cropped, brunette hair was curly, and she cleared a space in her daughter’s corner of

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A Conversation with Jim Bishop, Creator of Bishop Castle

Below are some of Jim Bishop’s thoughts that I managed to capture in an interview a few years ago. Jim built Bishop Castle, which is a world-renowned one-man construction project and a marvel to behold by anyone’s standards. Learn more about the castle and its creator by clicking here. The following reflections Jim shared with us certainly help to define his legacy. “Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, muscle for

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Interview with Kevin Arnold

US Represented is pleased to welcome Kevin Arnold to our staff. Kevin is a writer and teacher from Portola Valley, California. He was the winner of the 2009 San Francisco Book Festival for short fiction and named Writer of the Year by the San Francisco / Peninsula chapter of the California Writer’s Club. He’s published extensively and had four poems featured on This year he has stories and poems published in Slippery

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