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Lindsay Hand Art

To Lindsay Hand, art is “a meditation, a necessity as an action for me to create, a growing process, a presence. It’s a beautiful thing, to just step in and be, but it also can require things that need to be said. That’s speaking from my own art and my process. Viewing other people’s art is the same thing, but it’s as an observer, and kind of a gift sometimes.”

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Mystery and Motherhood: An Interview with Lindsay Hand

I stood in Lindsay Hand’s downtown art studio, feeling the creaks of the wooden floor beneath my feet and hearing the large building, filled with several art studios and offices, breathe and shift slightly around me. I held a coffee I’d just purchased from the Starbucks down the street and smiled at Lindsay. Her short cropped, brunette hair was curly, and she cleared a space in her daughter’s corner of

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Burlesque: Creativity through Sexual Expression

At first, I was nervous about doing a burlesque workshop because I was among those who weren’t sure what burlesque is and stands for. After all, when people hear the word “burlesque,” the consensus is to think “stripping,” or maybe to have no clue whatsoever. There were so many speculations. Would I be regarded as a stripper? What would this say about my character? I didn’t think I had the

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Celebrity Lies Within

For Bazin . . . film is actually like a record of God, or of the face of God, or of the ever-changing face of God . . . it shouldn’t be based on the script. It should be based on the person or the thing. And in that sense, [Hollywood is] almost right to have this whole star system, because then it’s about that person instead of the story.                                                                       

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The Rules of Engagement for Professional Musicians

The general characteristics of some professions never seem to change much, but the specifics can mutate as dramatically as a werewolf under a full moon. Take the music industry. A recent study by BearShare shows that for every $1,000 earned, a musician takes home a paltry $23.40 in pocket change. All sorts of people take a cut of a musician’s performance in this choreographed rip-off. Record labels take a staggering 63% of the profits, for instance. In fact, musicians earn

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Sharon Carvell Art

Sharon Carvell’s quest for connection through art has been a lifelong endeavor. As her experiences have multiplied, so has her knowledge, her artistic expertise, and her love for trees. She calls trees “an expression of love.” They are, indeed, ancient almost beyond belief—on this planet for 370 million years while modern humans have existed for only 200,000. While Sharon works in many art mediums, her thought-provoking tree drawings deserve special attention.

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