Ten Reasons to See Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. You’re curious about BDSM light. What does that acronym stand for again?
  1. You want to see if Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson produced a decent actor.
  1. You must know: What is “the red room”? What does “fifty shades” refer to?
  1. You’ve never heard the words “butt plug” or “vaginal/anal fisting” in a movie and feel it’s about time!
  1. You need a laugh.
  1. You want to ponder the question: Is there a difference between “sadist” and “dominant”?
  1. You’ve heard pubes are back in style and want to see for yourself.
  1. You think it might bring some spice into your own sex life.
  1. You want to be current in pop culture and feel that watching the movie will be far easier than reading the book.
  1. It may be the only time when the “hole in the popcorn box” trick actually works.














Sandra Knauf is the publisher of Fifty Shades of Green, an anthology of 12 erotic short stories described as “a feminist/gardener/literary answer to Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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